Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Turkey 1

This is just a quick note to let the parents know we've arrived. We are currently in Istanbul and landed at about 5:00pm Tuesday afternoon. The flights, connections and luggage retrieval all went without incident, which always seems to amaze me no matter how much we travel.

We will be in Istanbul until Thursday evening, when we fly south to Antalya, our final destination (and the location of our apartment). Elise is having a harder time with the jet lag than on any of our other trips, so we are struggling a bit to get setttled. Maybe now that she's older she is more aware and in tune with her body. Our first night was kind of brutal, to be honest. Elise decided she absolutely didn't want to try to sleep at around 2:00am. What do you do in a tiny hotel room in the heart of Istanbul to kill 5 hours of nighttime? Watch The Princess and the Frog movie, of course.

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