Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter 2011

We've been back from Hawaii for almost two months now and are settling back into our normal routine of work, preschool and weekend activities. It's been hectic at times, but we've had some nice experiences as well. Pictures...

Making brownies with Grandma Bourdon during her week-long visit in early February. It looks like her face has been in the bowl!

Helping Daddy cut out the paper template for the dolphin-shaped birthday cake. Making the cake took the better part of a day!

The end result!

Elise got two "zoo-zoo pets" for her birthday. She really wanted one...and got two! For those of you that are unaware, they are annoying little creatures that zoom around the floor and squeak out commands. She loves them!

Posing at the Magic Chair unload station on her fifth birthday with Daddy. We had a nice day at Blackcomb with Grandpa Bourdon and she made progress with her skiing once again. She's slowly starting to do parallel turns.

Lunch in the lodge at Blackcomb with Grandpa Bourdon on her fifth birthday.

The party was pandemonium. All the kids dressed up in costumes (thanks Sharon!) and I got this amazing photo of all of them smiling...at the same time! From left to right: Isabella, Freida, Josie, Kylie, Kaida and Elise.

The cake. Doesn't she look pleased?

Posing before the party. She was very, very excited and had a wonderful time.

I think she's looking older and older all the time. Certain expressions really bring it out. This one's a little devilish.

Elise graduated from her swimming class and was recommended to advance to the next level (whales). She did very well and had a great time. We've already signed her up! This is Cody, her instructor. Elise can now jump off the diving board, surface and swim back to the edge of the deep end without our assistance at all.

Night skiing at Grouse on Daddy's 42nd (!!!) birthday. We had a great night and enjoyed a nice meal overlooking the city in the Bistro. Elise skied all over the mountain and was still going strong at 8:30pm! I had to pull the pin. We were exhausted and Grandma was already in the lodge licking her wounds.

The family on Grouse.

Riding the Skyride. We'd been talking about this for a year and she was very impressed.

With Grandma at Grouse Mountain on Daddy's birthday.

With Josie at Blackcomb. They really do have a lot of fun together.

Feeding a Whiskey Jack on the top of Mt. Seymour. This was Elise's first time up a larger mountain and she shocked me by skiing many runs, including a few of intermediate difficulty. We had a great day, but Elise will tell you that this was, without a doubt, the highlight. She said, "I've never had a bird in my hand before".

Riding the chair on Mt. Seymour.

Making pizza in a restaurant in Whistler after a day of skiing. From left to right: Takaya, Kaida, Neve, Elise and Kaian.

An afternoon skiing at Blackcomb base with the Tasakas. It was a gorgeous day! We hope to do more ski days with them in the future.

Stuffing teddy bears into their pants. They thought this was hilarious...

Rotting salmon in the Mamquam river. The Eagles were out in full force.

Eagle shot with my little point and shoot camera. Not bad, eh?

An afternoon of eagle watching with the Tasakas. It was a glorious day.

Fooling around with Josie the Vancouver aquarium. This place is always a hit!

Her first day of preschool after Hawaii. She was very, very excited.

Elise took this picture of me at Burgers and Fries in the Smoke Bluffs. She's getting better with the camera and loves to take pictures. Getting that dog to stand still was a real challenge.

Climbing at Burgers and Fries on a beautiful winter day.

We hope to head up to the top of Whistler soon. I'll post pictures when we do!

Stay tuned...

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