Monday, June 20, 2011

Shoulder Update, Mini Metal

Since my last post, I received my MRI results. The scan showed that I had a non-displaced posterior labral tear in the my left shoulder, along with a paralabral cyst, which is pretty common. This wasn't exactly good news, but it did explain my ongoing symptoms and puts to rest any doubt about what's going on. I've had two surgeons look at the results so far and both have had the same opinion - leave it alone. Surgery, they claim, would be too aggressive an approach in my case, as the healing time is long and the outcome is not 100% certain. I'm told I could lose range of motion, and since my joint is currently strong and stable, this would be a bad outcome. If the tear and symptoms got dramatically worse in the coming months or years, I could revisit this option, but for now, I'm told my best bet is to do aggressive physiotherapy to restore joint mobility and carry on with my activities. I'm not sure how I feel about this recommendation. I certainly didn't want surgery, but I did hope for a "fix" for the problem. Now it seems like I've just got to carry on with my current approach, albeit with more information for the therapists to use. My symptoms have been decreasing lately, and I've started climbing again (lightly), but only time will tell...

Elise rode in the "Mini Metal" this weekend (a biking event designed for kids in conjunction with the more famous Test of Metal). We trained for the ride for weeks, but the reality of the event was a little "jarring". She rode a course through the Nester's parking lot along with about 50 other kids, all cheek to jowl. I think the tight quarters unnerved her, and she was hit from behind a few times. After about 6 laps, she rode by in tears, and we decided enough was enough and pulled her out. Her confidence on her bike is still developing, and this might have been a bit much too soon. Regardless, she had lots of fun playing with her friends afterward and I think it was a positive experience overall. Whether she wants to "compete" or not next year will remain to be seen.

Pam's got a couple of weeks of work left before summer vacation, and she's definitely in need of a break. We had a nice time with her brother and his family and were sad to see them go (especially Elise). Here's some pics from the last 10 days...

A day on Whistler mountain with the family. We rode the Peak to Peak gondola...twice. It was cold and there was still an enormous amount of snow in the alpine. We wont' be going up for any summer hiking anytime soon. From left to right: Pam, A.J., Liz, Elena, Elise, Jason and Mike.

The kids on the gondola. They had lots of fun together.

Josie and Elise getting ready for the Mini Metal. I'm sorry to say that grin on Elise's face was replaced by tears about 15 minutes later as the reality of the elb0w-to-elbow riding with dozens of out of control children too-large bikes set in.

Clowning around with her friends after the race. All's well that ends well.

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