Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You Call This Summer????

Summer is well underway in Squamish, but you'd never know it. We've had weeks of damp, dreary days with temperatures well below normal. We've managed to get out and be active, but it's been pretty tough at times. At least we all seem to be through our illnesses, and are back to normal once again. We recently enjoyed a hike to Cheakamus Lake on a rare, sunny day. We didn't catch any fish, but we did see some bears on the way home.

On Tuesday, we decided to hike the Grouse Grind in North Vancouver. I'd never done this hike before, and was keen to check it out. It's a little farther than the Chief, and every bit as steep.

The trail was unbelievable crowded, but that was to be expected. Elise did well. She hiked about half of the Grind, and I carried her for the other half in the backpack.

We ascended into the clouds and when we summited, it became apparent we weren't adequately dressed for the weather. Regardless, we enjoyed taking in the attractions. Elise especially enjoyed the lumberjack show, which was quite exciting.

We also toured the grizzly bear habitat, watched a movie in the theatre and then rode the Skyride back down to the base, spotting wolves in the habitat underneath, much to Elise's delight (she claimed this was the best part of the day). We were all quite cold and happy to get back to the van and crank up the heater... in July!!!

Our trip plans have finally solidified for August. We've decided to go to the Canadian Rockies again. We got a little worried about heat in central Wyoming, and decided to save that trip for another time. We thought long and hard about this decision, and hope we've made the right one.

We'll send updates from the trip!

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