Thursday, October 27, 2011

Red River Gorge

I've been in Kentucky for just over one week now, and the trip is going well so far. I'm staying in a cottage near the gorge with a few friends, and am enjoying socializing with them and climbing, of course. The rock here is very abrasive, so I'm taking lots of rest days, but that's good both for my shoulder health and for my latest guidebook project (I can do a lot of work when I'm resting).

The fall colours are beautiful right now, and I'm enjoying being out east and hiking in the fresh, fall air. This area is extremely crowded right now, but on the plus side it's nice to meet new people and have others to talk to when at the cliffs. We met a nice couple from the Canary Islands yesterday who recommended it highly for a future Christmas trip.

Health-wise, my shoulder is doing well (knock on wood). I'm climbing reasonably well and managed to complete one route I was happy with (Angry Birds, 5.13c). Hopefully the trend will continue for the next couple of weeks.

I miss Pam and Elise a lot, but am having regular phone and video-call conversations with them to stay abreast of what they are doing back home. We are all looking forward to a winter of skiing and our Christmas trip to Italy!


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