Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mesquite 1

We are over halfway into our spring break trip, and have enjoyed drying out in the Nevada/Arizona/Utah desert for a week. Our home base is Mesquite, Nevada, but we are travelling into all three states to climb and explore. The weather has been good, but a winter storm blew through this weekend which really cooled things off. The rest of the week looks better, though.

I am very busy trying to squeeze in work time between climbing, exploring and family activities, so I'll let let these pictures do most of the talking.

Elise in her new suit and visor for the sessions in our condo pool.

Climbing at Black and Tan wall. She made it up a 5.10a on this trip, her hardest outdoor climb yet.

Evening in the desert.

Landscape near the Utah Hills, where we've been climbing.

Posing by a barrel cactus. The vegetation in the desert is beautiful here.

The water slide at the Casablanca, the resort we are calling home. This is, without a doubt, the highlight of the trip for Elise.

On the Angel's Landing hike in Zion.

The Cathedral and Wailing Wall, the cliff we've spent most of our time at.

Our little Mazda 2 is getting us where we need to go! Elise calls it our "St. Patrick's Day" car.

Our apartment is in the smaller building on the left, second floor.

At the notch near the summit of Angel's Landing. We didn't get much farther than this, but that's a story for another day.

Carrying some special baggage out from the Wailing Wall. Ask me about this "incident" some time.

Riverside Walk at Zion.

Angel's Landing hike in Zion.

A desert screech owl Elise and I found in a cave near our climbing cliff.

Taking photos with her new camera at the Falling Man rock art site near Lake Mead.

Indian Paintbrush

Elise on vacation. Watching "Dolphin Tale" in bed on the plasma TV.

The pool behind our apartment.

The "falling man" petroglyph at the rock art site.

One of the best panels at the rock art site.

Storm over the mountains east of the site.

Elise and I enjoying the art. This was an amazing area far in the back country with literally hundreds of petroglyphs.

Pam and Elise at the rock art site.

Evening storm over the desert.

Enjoy the start of spring!

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