Sunday, July 15, 2012


Pam and Elise are back from their trip to California. They had a wonderful time with Mike's family and Elise was very excited to share stories with me upon their return. I picked them up in the airport on Thursday and was a bit late due to midday traffic. As I walked into the terminal, I heard a distinctive screech, "Daddy!!!", and knew they'd already arrived.

No trip to California would be complete without some beach time. Here are the cousins, enjoying the sand.

And no trip to California would be complete (for a child, anyway) without a trip to Disneyland! Elise and Pam had a "girl's day" at the park with Liz and Elena. This way, they could focus on princesses without the boys there to distract them. Pam "tricked" Elise into going on a roller coaster, and of course she had to go a second time.

In front of a princess castle.

Posing with one of her favourite Disney princesses, Jasmine.

That cotton candy is as big as she is!

With Eor...

With Elena...

The family spent a weekend in San Diego, visiting both the zoo and Seaworld. Here's a nice picture of the cousins. From left to right: AJ, Elena, Elise and Jason. AJ and Jason are twins.

Elise on a roadrunner.

Clowning around before a session in the hotel pool. The pool had three waterslides, which Elise was thrilled about!

Pam and Elise came home to amazing weather and the Squamish Mountain Festival. Here's Elise scaling the artificial wall set up at the Squamish Adventure Centre as part of the festivities. She did two routes quickly, and impressed the volunteers who were belaying at the wall. We finished the day with a hike around Brohm Lake to the rope swing, which she did six times, much to our amazement! Summer is here.

Enjoy the warm weather!

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