Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A New School Year

Elise started grade one today, another milestone for her and for us as parents. She was excited, of course, and got a new outfit and backpack to mark the day. When we arrived and walked into the schoolyard she ran towards her friends with open arms and they all embraced. A good sign. However, when she accidentally got into the wrong classroom lineup there were tears, so the morning was not drama free.

We did more hiking on the weekend. On Sunday we walked into Cheakamus Lake with our friends Scott and Annie, and their daughter Olivia, who Elise thorougly enjoyed spending time with. It was a nice day and we enjoyed dinner with them aftward.

Monday we drove to Pemberton to Meet Jay and Amica's new daughter, Mirra. We all piled into their van and drove up the Duffy Lake Road to do a hike into Rohr Lake. It was beautiful and full of fish! We had some very good fishing late in the afternoon and I managed to land one decent rainbow trout (the others all escaped the barbless hook). We finished with a nice meal at the house and then a long drive back to Squamish after dark.

Since Pam is not working this fall, we'll have time to do some couple activities while Elise is in school midweek. Three weeks to go before we leave for Spain...

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