Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back from Hawaii - Time to Ski!

Christmas is over and we are back to our winter routine of work, school and skiing. Elise goes to Whistler every Saturday for ski lessons and during the week takes taekwondo and art class - our time is pretty full.

I've done a bunch of ski touring over the last few weeks and have enjoyed some great days out with friends. A former employee of mine, Jamie Selda, took me out for a day in the Whistler backcountry to study snowpack and terrain. It was very informative plus we got some great views and powder turns.

The Black Tusk from the summit of Whistler. It was a cold, cold morning.

Oboe creek drainage behind the summit of Flute. We skied a great line of powder beside the forest.

Jamie showing me a layer in the snowpack after he dug a pit. The "depth hoar" was highly reactive that day.

We had great views of Mt. Fissile all day. Pam, Elise and I camped below this peak when we did our Singing Pass hike this past autumn.

Wind etchings in the snow near Oboe summit. It was a beautiful day, but my feet were very cold when we got back.

Elise posing with her ski instructor, Josh, and one of her ski friends, Bree. Josh is from Scotland - he's great with the kids. I'm anxious to ski with her now and see how her technique is coming along.

On another sunny day, I toured to Channel Ridge off the east side of the Duffy Lake Road with my friends Jay and Peter. We had a big day, some great snow and witnessed an incredible sunset over the Duffy Lakes on our way home. My legs were sore for days afterward. (The first two pictures and the second sunset shot are by Peter Winter.)

I spent a day skiing on Whistler and Blackcomb with my brother, Eric. We had fantastic weather. The skiing was rather hardpacked, but you couldn't beat the views. Here I am on Harmony Ridge enjoying the sun and good grooming. Eric took this photo with his iPhone - not bad. We hope to do a big family ski soon with his girlfriend Gabi. It will be fun for Elise to ski with "Uncle Eric".

Finally, before Christmas Elise decided to send her great aunt a pattern to knit "BK" (her stuffed comfort toy) some special clothing. Pam and Elise measured BK and drew an outline of his body. Ahnie, Elise's great aunt, did an incredible job and knit the outfit exactly to Elise's specifications. This was waiting for us in the mail when we got home from Hawaii and was a great surprise.

We have two months of winter until Pam's spring break. We will likely go away, but are not yet sure where. Enjoy the snow and avoid the flu!

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