Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bambie at Horne Lake

On Monday morning I was driving to Horne Lake on Vancouver Island to climb for the day with a friend. It was fairly early and we were on the dirt approach road when a mother deer and her fawn ran in front of the car. We stopped and the mother dashed into the brush, but the baby froze. As we watched, a truck sped by and almost hit the fawn, who was cowering in the ditch. I got out of the car and tried to "shoo" it into the forest, but it lay down in the ditch and froze.Unsure of what to do and worried the baby would get hit by a passing vehicle, I opted to carry it into the forest away from the road and leave it, hoping the mother would return. A lady who works at Horne Lake Caves stopped and snapped these pictures:

When we returned in the afternoon I stopped to check on it. The fawn wasn't where I left it - I hope that was a good sign.

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