Sunday, July 28, 2013

Black Tusk

We just got home from three days in Garibaldi Provincial Park. It was a big trip - 40 km of hiking - but we had gorgeous weather and went to some beautiful places. The highlight was our ascent of Black Tusk, an iconic peak visible from up and down the corridor. It was a big hike with a little rock climbing at the end, and Elise did exceptionally well. Afterward we hiked through some of the most lush wildflower meadows I've ever seen. We bumped into a ranger who said we'd arrived at the absolute peak. Lucky us! A few pictures from the trip...

A hoary marmot. As I was descending from Panorama Ridge in the late evening, I heard a very load and piercing "whistle" that seemed to come from the lake far below. I was certain that Pam and Elise were using the emergency whistle to call me down, so I hurried along. Turns out, they didn't make a sound - it was the marmot! That's how the resort "Whistler" got its name.

Sky pilot. This is the first time I've seen this flower, and I was above 2,000 m. Not an easy one to stumble upon.

The trail between the Black Tusk Junction and Helm Creek.

Black Tusk as seen from Panorama Ridge.

Elise on the summit. Pam carried BK, her precious stuffy, to the top much to Elise's surprise. She was delighted!

 Garibaldi Lake from Panorama Ridge. What a place...

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