Sunday, September 27, 2009

Porteau Cove

Since the weather for Monday looks terrible (rain and highs of 12 degrees), we decided to get outside and take advantage of what will likely be our last "summer" day in Squamish this year. We leave for our trip on Tuesday and won't be back until early December, when the weather is likely to be far less pleasant. We had a nice time beachcombing, wading and watching the divers.
The outing was a great way to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and wrap up yet another Squamish year in our lives with Elise.

The dock at Porteau Cove.

We found lots of little crabs under the rocks, which Elise didn't hesitate to grab with her bare hands and drop into her bucket.

There is some amazing drift wood on this beach.

Detail of the wood grain.

Less than 48 hours to our departure. Watch our blog for regular trip posts and enjoy the fall!


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