Sunday, September 13, 2009

Terry Fox Run

We decided to take part in the annual Terry Fox run this morning. It seemed appropriate after what Pam went through a couple of years ago and the only reason we didn't do it last year was I was still guiding. The last time I participated in this event was when I lived in the Yukon (I was about 12 years old) and both my mother and I ran in the "race". I remember that run quite vividly and also remember going door to door in our rural neighbourhood and getting pledges. That was a long time ago...

The Squamish event wasn't super well organized. The local firefighters volunteered as coordinaters and about 80 people turned out. I was prepared for a proper 10 kilometer run, but it was pretty ad-hoc. Nothing was timed and there was a 5 km course that you could double lap to get 10 km. Regardless, we had a good time. I ran the first 5 km with Pam, pushing Elise in the stroller, and then ran the second 5 km on my own, sans Elise and the stroller (much easier). They served pancakes afterward and we sat, socialized and rehydrated.

Although I didn't put much thought into the event, once we were there and saw the photos and memorabilia of Terry Fox, it definitely made me reflect on what the run stood for. The Marathon of Hope was an incredible feat of physical endurance and really helped put the issue of cancer research into the public domain. It felt good to participate and the run raised $1500.00 locally. Unfortunately, a trail run was scheduled for the same morning at Alice Lake and many of the more serious runners in the community likely attended that event, thus drawing support away from the Terry Fox run. This was a shame and the local organizers need to get coordinated in the future, in my opinion.

Elise and I at the pancake breakfast after the run. She ate one and a half pancakes!

On an unrelated note, Pam and Elise went to the Brackendale fall fair yesterday and Elise had a great time. Here she is with her friend Josie after they got their faces painted.

Finally, Paul Iarocci's wife Cindy just gave birth to their first baby, Capriana Iarocci, on September 11th! Paul is an old climbing friend of ours from Squamish who moved to Ontario about 10 years ago. We stay in touch and have traveled with Paul (and Cindy) a number of times over the years. Paul joined us on our first "baby" trip to Europe and was a great help, which made our experience much more enjoyable. Paul and Cindy are both doing great and we wish them the best of luck!

Only 16 more days until we leave for Greece!


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