Saturday, November 19, 2011

Opening Day!!!

Whistler Blackcomb opened on Friday, and I did what any responsible parent would do - I pulled my daughter out of school to go skiing! We teamed up with Patrick Franz and his son Everest and hit the road at 7:30 am.

The day began cloudy, but slowly cleared and we ended with gorgeous weather. I could tell Elise was a little pensive in the morning. I think she was worried about how it would feel after a summer off. She did well on her first run and, partway down, said to me, "I remember how to do it!". She did very well, but her stamina was poor compared to the end of last season. It will come back fast, I'm sure.

It was a cold day, and we only did five runs. It was also very crowded because everyone was skiing just three lifts on Whistler due to the limited early-season terrain. Pam plans to go up today with Elise for a few runs, and then we hope to go to the climbing gym in Vancouver tomorrow.

Winter is officially here and Elise starts her ski lessons after New Years. She's excited!

View looking west from the mountain.

Riding in the sun. Snacking on gumdrops. Life is good...

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