Monday, April 30, 2012

April Weekend

We had a good weekend. It wasn't sunny, but it wasn't raining either, so we counted ourselves lucky. Elise skied on Saturday and climbed in the Smoke Bluffs on Sunday. Grandpa Bourdon came for a visit so she was keen to show him her "moves". We bumped into a number of friends, and Elise enjoyed climbing a bit with Josie - they wore ferns around their heads. This had something to do with playing forest "pixies". I thought she looked like the Statue of Liberty.


Elise wearing my rack of climbing gear. She's giggling because it hangs around her ankles.

Jose climbing at Call it a Day cliff.

Elise "spring" skiing. The snow is melting out fast at the bottom of the mountain and we kind of got stuck and had to navigate around some grass to get back onto the snow. She thought this was really funny. It was the first thing she told her kindergarten teacher on Monday morning.

Elise at Call it a Day cliff.

The forest "pixies" complete with fern head wear.

Elise and Grandpa B at Call it a Day cliff. Elise brought her cat "Rose" to the cliff.

With her friends at Blackcomb. From left to right: Josie, Isabella and Elise.

Elise climbing at Call it a Day.

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