Sunday, April 15, 2012


We spent the Easter long weekend in Penticton, climbing at the Skaha Bluffs. We had a nice time and enjoyed camping with our friends from Squamish and socializing with our Penticton friends, Casey and Brenda. Pictures...

Our campground on Skaha Lake. The tents were right by the water and the kids enjoyed playing together on the lake shore and in the meadows behind the campsite. There was also a lot of bike riding, and Elise had a couple of traumatic crashes that ended in tears. She's not a strong rider...

Elise and Hazel on the dock feeding the ducks.

Easter morning was eagerly anticipated. Here the kids rub the sleep out of their eyes and get ready for the big egg hunt in the campground! From left to right: Hazel, Aiden, Erik and Elise. Our tents are in the background.

The Easter bunny left eggs in the grass behind the tent area. We were careful to keep the excitement at bay, so the other campers weren't disturbed. How do you keep a multi-child egg hunt fair so that each kid gets the same amount? You label every egg or prize with a name!

Early morning walk along the trail beside Skaha Lake. Elise and I saw a wild pheasant! She said, "look Dad, a giant robin!". It actually kind of looked like a giant robin...

Climbing at the Bluffs on a 5.6 at the right end of Red Tail wall. Her first day didn't go very well because we put her on routes that were a little too challenging. However, the next two days were much more succesful because we chose easier climbs. She did much better and enjoyed climbing with her friends from Squamish, something she doesn't get to do very often.

Pam on a 5.11b at Diamond Back. It was crowded!

Kris Wild took the kids "short-roping" (walking through steep terrain with a short rope on for protection). Each kid eagerly anticipated their turn. Here, Kris leads Elise onto a very large, flat-topped boulder.

Elise and Kris peer over the edge.

We enjoyed meeting Brenda's daughter and family. Brenda arranged a second Easter egg hunt at their house, a pancake breakfast AND an Easter dinner. The kids immediately enjoyed playing together and scrambled around on Casey's bouldering wall. We all got a great laugh when we heard Elise tell the other kids, "There's one thing you need to know about me - I'm a really good climber!" This was said in all seriousness and out of earshot of the adults (or so she thought). What a character!

On Sunday we took the kids to the Penticton pool. Elise LOVED the waterslide and went off the high dive about five times! The board was at least 4-5 metres high!

On Monday, we took the kids climbing and they had a great time. From left to right: Max, Elise and Gabe. Photo by Brenda.

Until next time!

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