Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun Run

Last Sunday Elise entered a fun run at Alice Lake that was done in conjunction with an adult event. It consisted of a single lap around Alice Lake on a pleasant, forested trail. Elise did great, and although she didn't win she was one of the few kids I saw who actually ran at a good, steady pace and used decent technique. Other kids were sprinting and stopping, getting carried by their parents and getting pulled along by hand. My guess it the run was about 1.5 kilometres long, a good length for their age. As each child ran across the finish line, they were handed a freezee - a fine prize for a job well done.

Lately, Elise has been documenting life around the house. Here are a few candid shots from her camera.

A self portrait in her bedroom. Always a popular subject.

Tia in the kitchen.

Her "science" table in our living room. This is where the future geologist keeps her collection of rocks and minerals.


Pam cleaning Elise's room, for the 743rd time.

Finally, somebody's got a VERY loose tooth that has been dangling for weeks. In fact, it now sticks almost straight out of her mouth. We call it the "snaggle tooth". It's not pretty, but I needed to document it for future reference. Elise showing it off!

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