Sunday, February 10, 2013

Birthday Week

Our hectic birthday week has come and gone, and now that the dust has settled I've had time to sort through some pictures. Things got off to a start with my 44th birthday on Groundhog Day. We drove up to Whistler early in the morning for a day of skiing and while Elise was in ski school Pam and I joined forces with a few good friends from Squamish and toured out to Oboe on Whistler's Musical Bumps. The weather was fantastic and we enjoyed warm winter sun, birthday cake on the summit and decent powder conditions. Later, we enjoyed a nice evening dinner with neighbourhood friends and all came home tired from a big day.

Next was Elise's much-anticipated party. Our week was so full of afternoon and evening commitments that we had no choice but to hold the party on Monday after school. It was a tad premature, but the kids certainly didn't mind and all went well. Pam organized a great series of crafty activities (mask decorating, necklace making) before we had cake and opened presents. Elise had a wonderful time.

A movie of the birthday cake...

Thursday was Elise's real birthday and she was just as excited as on Monday. We heard her lying in the dark in her bedroom singing "Happy Birthday to Me" at 6:45 am before getting up and rushing out to open her presents, bleary-eyed from the night's sleep. This was followed with her favourite breakfast, French toast, and then a fun day at school with her friends. She went to art lessons after school and then we met Josie and her family at White Spot for a birthday dinner. It was another special day - I can' believe she's seven already!!!

Friday, the day after Elise's birthday, was a professional development day so Pam had to work but Elise had the day off school. After a slow morning, she and I drove up to Whistler for a nice half day of skiing in the sun. I enjoyed watching her practice her new ski-school techniques before she beat me fair and square at Connect 4 in the ski lodge. It was a nice way to wind down her special week.

This movies shows Elise skiing part of the upper Peak to Creek ski run on Whistler Mountain. Her skiing has come a long way from this time last year. 

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