Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Elise's Wonders of the Universe

Last night we spent some time watching an episode of Wonders of the Universe, a compelling BBC series we've enjoyed before. Most of it is over Elise's head, but we do our best to explain it to her and she seems to pick up bits and pieces. After the episode ended she immediately wanted to draw a picture, but I said, "shower first, drawing later". Once the shower was finished, she immediately rushed into the living room naked, wet and with a towel slung over one shoulder so she could get to work. This is the finished product, but please click on the image to see it in full size so you can appreciate the fine detail. (Once in full size mode simply click outside the image to return to the blog).

Things to note:

-We had absolutely nothing to do with any of this. No suggestions, no input, no help, no ideas.

-She signed her name last and didn't leave room for "Marie", her middle name. She started to print it out but ran out of room. She commented that she was going to leave it out, but I encouraged her to make it work so she employed a hyphen, small as it may be.

-The objects she's drawn and labelled (all on her own) from top to bottom are: A Red Dwarf, A Black Hole, Milky Way, Sun, Earth, Moon, The Death of a Star and The First Star That Was Born.

-The face she's made on the sun has been done with solar flares (storms), same as the curls she's drawn around the outside of the sun.

-The face she's made on the moon has been done with moon craters. She thinks the moon looks a tad angry.

-She's drawn the Hawaiian Islands on Earth.

-She's used stars to make the face on the Milky Way.

How many seven-year-olds know what a red dwarf is or would think to draw "the death of a star"? Not many, I think.

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