Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Italy 2 - Our Casa

We've been here four days now and are slowly settling in. Our village is very quaint and quiet - you can hear a pin drop at night. The landscape is pretty, although rather barren at this time of year. We've climbed three days and spent a hectic day in Genova seeing some sights and touring the aquarium, an event Elise had anticipated for months. After getting lost (again) and driving the wrong way on the toll highway at night (again), we think we'll restrict our "rest" days to simpler objectives. Pam has been battling a cold, so she spent last night in Elise's room and Elise slept with me. That was an interesting night, to say the least, and Elise was very excited as it was not the norm.

This is our B&B, Casa Dei Nonni (Nana's House), in the village of Vesallo. The owners are a young couple with a baby and are very nice. The place is lovely.

Our apartment is on the second level right of the main building. It's the one with the prominent window.

The master bedroom. Elise lounging. Her room is down the narrow hall in the corner.

Elise sitting on her window chair in her bedroom. It opens onto an old alley with a tunnel.

Elise's bedroom, complete with a shelf for her toys.

The kitchen and living area. Everything we need. We've been buying fresh pasta at the grocery store along with local sauces and mixing up some yummy meals.

Photos from the village. We are perched on the side of a steep slope above the valley floor. At this time of year, the valley gets no sun as the mountains block the low-tracking sun. This, we weren't expecting. Luckily, the cliffs we want to climb at get just enough midday sun to make the climbing pleasant.

It's gone below freezing at night a couple of times. Daytime highs are between 10-14 degrees Celsius.

Looking north towards Vesavo, another small hamlet much like Vesallo.

We plan to tour the old seaside town of Finale tomorrow, explore the beach and the old city. Climbing and sightseeing images coming soon.


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