Thursday, December 29, 2011

Italy 5 - Final Days

Our time in Italy has come to an end. We enjoyed two beautiful weeks and were told over and over by the locals how lucky we were with the weather. The climbing was fantastic and we all had a good rest in our quiet little village. Two highlights from the final week involved walks, both short and long.

The first was a hike along an ancient Roman road that traversed the coastline. We travelled from one city to the next and took the city bus back, which Elise enjoyed very much. We saw beautiful scenery and a view into the backyards of many coastal homes - a very interesting experience. The second outing was a long hike in the mountains at the top of the Pennavaire Valley. This took us four hours and we summited a rounded peak with a view of the Alps. It was a beautiful hike above treeline and had breathtaking scenery. Pictures from the week:

Via Julia Augusta, the walk along the old Roman road. The weather was warm and sunny.

A view of Albenga, the coastal city closest to our valley.

Italian treats from the pastry shop, a special event for Christmas.

Some British friends came down from Switzerland and hung out with us for a few days. Their daughter, Ellen, was just a little older than Elise and the two had a grand time together. Here they are dodging waves on the beach in Finale. Elise actually LAY DOWN in the water and got totally soaked - on purpose. This was a first - she braved cold water that I would not.

Fooling around at the cliff.

Our British friends, Laurie, Mike and their daughter Ellen. We shared two dinners together in our respective apartments.

The hike in the mountains. We started at Colle de Caprauna (elevation of 1375 m).

Elise hiking across the open ridges on the way to the summit.

We found an owl pellet (contents of an owl's stomach it spits out). Pam broke it apart and we inspected the food items.

Hamming it up for the camera.

The summit register on Mt Armetta, elevation of 1739 m.

We fly home on January 1st and should be back in Squamish by mid to late evening. We hope you've all had a nice holiday.

Happy New Years!

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